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Welcome to MicRoBiology lab!

PI: Dr. Maxim Rubin Blum

We study the molecular ecology of aquatic microorganisms 

at the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research - IOLR.

Our ongoing projects include:

Microbial indices in marine monitoring

Microbial indices for the monitoring of marine environmental status and implement them in the National Monitoring Program  (Ministry of Science and Technology - Israel, the National Monitoring Program of the Israeli Mediterranean Waters)

Deep-sea gas and brine seeps in the Mediterranean Sea

Discovery of new Hydrocarbon Seeps in the Southeastern Mediterranean Sea (MERCI)

Taxonomic and functional repertoire of microbes in gas and brine seeps offshore Israel (ISF)

The sphere of influence and functionality of brine seeps (Ministry of Energy, Israel)

New mechanisms of carbon fixation in bacteria

Molecular ecophysiology of microorganisms with two carbon fixation pathways funded by the Binational Science Foundation (BSF).

Degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons 

Effects of crude-oil and gas-condensate pollution on pelagic food-webs at the Israeli Mediterranean Sea (Ministry of Energy, Israel)

Evaluating the implications of condensate spills and their treatment in the coastal water of the Mediterranean Sea offshore Israel (The Ministry of Environmental Protection, Israel).

Dr. Maxim Rubin Blum

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Latest Publications

New paper alert! Tal Zvi-Kedem et al describe symbionts that allow chemosynthetic deep-sea mussels to use macromolecules from wood falls, etc. Could this association help Idas to colonize the deep sea?

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